No additional Pass card NFTs will ever be created
These NFTs are your passes to participate
all of our content endeavors moving forward.
Holding the value
Short NFTPrior to new NFT and cooperated NFT
The platform DAO regulates voting rightsOur Metaverse direct has strength in numbers, your strategies can beat everything
Access to MateverseVisit our Metaverse, bring you more direct money
Data pushThrough our data push, you enjoy the Metaverse benefits
LITTLEMAMI LABEL private clubProvide high level of private social value, not only NFT
CooperationExclusive to PASS holders, past and upcoming project collaborations will be available soon. Stay tuned for more details
Littlemami label vault dividendsThe chain vault made by the platform and public donation, holders gain dividends
Sold Out
The public sale is sold out, please trade on the OPENSEA Secondary market